[time-nuts] Leap-second happens when...??

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Dec 27 12:19:05 EST 2008

Hi Tom,

Thomas A. Frank skrev:
>>> For me, PST, UTC midnight is 4 PM, a convenient time to watch.
>> For those of us in the zulu time zone (near the Greenwich  
>> meridian), happening
>> just as the new year is about to start is not *nearly* so  
>> convenient - especially
>> if you are trying to transmit new year celebration programmes, and  
>> praying the
>> equipment doesn't fall over!
>> Peter
> No really, should you be more concerned with the equipment or the  
> operator falling over on New Years Eve?

If you where the operator in charge, would you like to be known as the 
drunk operator that screwed the transmission up?

If not, I think you know in what way you would have prepared yourself in 
concern with getting proper rest and staying sober.


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