[time-nuts] Loran TOCs this year

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Wed Dec 31 20:09:48 EST 2008

Tom Van Baak wrote:
>> I have reset my Austron 2100 to the new UTC time, but the TOCs given by 
>> the USNO seem to be off. Should I maybe assume they have not allowed for 
>> the extra second and subtract one second from the posted times?
>> Can the US Navy have got it wrong?  Tbolt got it right...
> How do your TOC's compare with the one here:
> http://www.leapsecond.com/java/gpsclock.htm
> /tvb
Yes, yours are correct Tom, it shows 01 10 05 for the next; while the 
USNO has 01 10 06.  My Austron is happy now with the 1 second correction.

I'll know where to look next time I need one after a power outage...

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