[time-nuts] CPU frequency and NTP crazyness.

Ryan ryanbytes at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 21:44:03 EST 2008

I had an interesting result. I downloaded RMclock and with Seti at Home
running the CPU was at full load and speed. I stopped Seti and the
load dropped to almost nothing but the speed stayed the same. After
about a minute the offset and jitter readings went through the roof.
My offsets were above half a second! There was no reduction in
anything CPU related while this happened. When I get access to the
machine I'll take a look at the bios settings to make sure I have the
power settings in an optimal configuration.

Unfortunately I'm stuck with Windows for the time being because the
EMWIN software I use is windows only. If I ran FreeBSD in a virtual
machine would I be saddled with the imperfections in the Windows
timing scheme?

On 1/4/08, Christian Vogel <vogelchr at vogel.cx> wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> > maximum speed and everything has been just peachy with NTP. My
> > question is this, does anyone have a way to switch off the power save
> > feature the CPU is using so I don't have to run my machine full tilt?
> you can do it by changing different power-schemes in Windows'
> Control-Panel Power Properties.
> Download RMclock to watch your CPUs clocks and voltage/frequency
> settings while playing with the power-schemes.
> If you select "Always On", your computer will not do any power-saving.
>         Chris
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