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I understand that items with a declared 
value of less than 100  pounds will be passed through by UK customs. 
However above that, VAT (at our  standard rate of 17.5%) is added, as 
well as import duties (if applicable)  at about 5% (depending on the 
item).  Carriers will then usually charge  a fee for sorting out all 
the customs paperwork.  I have had charges as  low as 5 pounds from 
FedEx, and 8 to 12 pounds from Royal Mail ParcelForce  
Hi Peter

Unfortunately the VAT threshold is much lower than £100.

Quote  from HMRC web site.....
If you purchase goods through the  Internet you should be aware that customs 
duty and VAT will be payable, as  follows:
Customs Duty - if the amount of duty is £7 and over 
Import VAT -  if the value of the goods is £18 and over
On top of that the standard ParcelForce admin charge is £8, increased from  
£5 a year or so ago.
Assuming that the parcel value is correctly quoted it seems to  be a question 
of luck as to whether or not you get charged.
I still get packages through with no charge on them, sometimes of  quite high 
value, but I was told by ParcelForce a few years ago that, even then,  the 
number of Customs agents employed at the main ParcelForce sorting centre had  
increased hugely after the international success of Ebay and other internet  
For relatively low cost purchases from the US say, that might  only just 
cross the £18 threshold, it's not unusual to receive  a small VAT charge but still 
with the £8 admin fee...ouch!!
>From my own experience it would seem there's more chance of not  being 
charged if the UK carrier is anyone other than ParcelForce, but  that's certainly 
not something to rely on:-)


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