[time-nuts] Rb references for audiophiles?

Jim Lux james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Jul 4 12:33:00 EDT 2008

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> james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov writes:
> Sitting  in a waiting room yesterday, I read an article in a
> very-high-end  audio magazine describing a $15K Rubidium frequency
> standard for  providing low jitter clocks to your audio system.  It has
> outputs at 44.1, 48, etc. kHz, as well as a 100kHz, which the person
> writing said might become a new standard  (huh?)
> ------------------------
> Any chance you can remember the name and/or issue number of the  magazine?

I think it was "absolute audio"...

I think it's this unit they were reviewing

which oddly, is actually made by a division of Teac

There's also this:

Oh.. maybe it it was in "The Absolute Sound" Mar 2008

Anyway, the data sheet does mention
... both have an input port cabale of receiving a 10 MHz reference  
signal from an external component.  This port can be connected with  
devices such as an ultra-precise cesium atomic oscillator as a "system  
upgrade" for special applications.

(and, yes, the are proprietary gold plated BNC ports)

As for my previous speculation about GPS disciplined sources... why  
yes, they are also made... excellent...  I guess those guys at  
Teac/Esoteric haven't got on that bandwagon yet.

Fascinating, too, that they don't actually have any real data on the  
jitter performance of their box on the spec sheet.. even though that's  
what they're selling.. they just quote the absolute frequency accuracy.

That's enough for now... I have to get my special green marker to  
treat the edges of all my CDs to reduce extra internal reflections,  
and then I have to patch the air bladders on the vibration isolating  
optical table I have the CD player set up on (granted my first CD  
player could really have used this...)

> No, I don't want to buy or build one, but I'd love to read a copy of  that
> article:-)
> regards
> Nigel
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