[time-nuts] Rb references for audiophiles?

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Jul 4 15:05:01 EDT 2008

Bill Hawkins wrote:
> Jim Lux said, in part,
> "Hey... here's a golden opportunity for a time nut.  I suspect they  
> generate the various clocks using (gasp) digital dividers and such.   
> Now's your chance to design an incredibly complex all analog synthesis  
> chain with step recovery diodes, mix and add, etc.   Everyone knows  
> that for the finest in audio, an all analog (preferably all Class A)
> design is essential."

Only if it uses 300B's in the divider!

> Actually, you can make vacuum tube frequency dividers from phantastron
> circuits. Find the tubes with the Bugle Boy tubes in Tek scopes.

You leave the Tek scopes alone!  There are enough audiofools poaching the
tubes and transformers as it is.

-Chuck Harris

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