[time-nuts] HP 113BR manual scanned

Greg Burnett gbusg at comcast.net
Sat Jul 5 00:50:26 EDT 2008

David, I forwarded your announcement to the same Agilent friend (who works 
at the Agilent U.S. Technical Call Center and who handled your 105A/B manual 
contribution). ...And I asked if Agilent is interested in manuals for the 
very old, rare items like the 113BR.

I'll also ask if Agilent has an "official" "front-door" contact person for 
these manual scan contributions -- or if we should just keep forwarding them 
through him. I'll let you know what he says after he gets back from the 

Thanks again,


David wrote:
Another one from the old 36 foot NRAO telescope files - the HP 113BR
analog clock unit.


Does anyone think Agilent is interested in a manual for something
this old, or is this more of an HP Archives sort of boatanchor?

I also have a 103AR manual to scan if anyone's interested in this
ancient stuff. Let me know.


--David Forbes, Tucson, AZ

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