[time-nuts] Thunderbolt controllers

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Mon Jul 7 16:00:43 EDT 2008

On Mon, 07 Jul 2008 12:21:29 -0700, Hal Murray wrote:

>> As I reported already, Thunderbold seem to restart  perfectly alone
>> once set properly, until I get a problem.... I have no real control
>> over it, no information about,  and for portable use I need always a
>> PC. 

>I think portable is quite different from stationary.

>If you move it, you have to tell it the new location or let it do a 

>You don't need a PC if you don't store the location in the EEPROM.  All you 
>have to do is power off for a while and it will do a self-survey when you 
>turn it back on.  That covers the moved case at the disadvantage of a long 
>delay if you didn't move it.

But with portable I mean to move between different but known 
locations, even in my own home, or in a friends home etc. 

Clear, I have to enter the new position parameters (with Laptop)
on every new location of use. 
But  then I don't want the need of a PC anymore.

Under these a.m. conditions I prefer to keep control without a PC, 
one need to know wether it still does work reliable.
This I would even like to know when the device does steadily run in 
my 19 inch cabinet - just throwing an eye on it from time to time...

Concerning the long start up delay - one can avoid it, just taking the laptop 
for a moment to read the output of the new self survey result and 
store it into the memory for this location. Next time you start at this 
place without the need of further surveys...

Arnold T.

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