[time-nuts] Double ovened 10811-60158 on ebay

Bob Paddock bob.paddock at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 08:19:05 EDT 2008

> I keep wondering if not a passive oven (metal box, insulation, metal box)
> would be sufficient.

Large metal reflectively lined thermos bottles are worth considering.  You do
end up with a lot of long skinny circuit boards that way.

Peltier based thermoelectric cooler's from Big Box Stores can also be
pressed into
service as temperature cycling oven, or stable temperature environment, with
the addition of proper regulation loop.

See this long outdated paper: http://www.designer-iii.com/cco/HBridge.pdf

"Closed-Loop Temperature Regulation Using the UC3638
H-Bridge Motor Controller and a Thermoelectric Cooler".

Next time you have to endure shopping with your wife keep your mind busy by
asking "What can I use 'that' for?" for everything you see...

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