[time-nuts] Trimble DAC voltage

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 14 17:39:11 EDT 2008

That seem to be fairly normal for an oscillator to undergo some initial quick aging after being powered on after a long rest.  It should settle down after a week or so.  My FTS-4060 cesium unit was aging at about 40mV a day.  After a week it was down to around 10mV.  After two weeks, it stabilized to where the control voltage more or less follows temperature with around +/- 2mV change over a day.

The ThunderBolt DAC voltage plot mirrors the PPS error estimate.  As one goes up,  the other goes down.  They show discontinuities whenever the tracked satellite constellation changes.  The DAC voltage usually wanders +/- 250 microvolts over an hour.  The PPS error plot is generally a smooth curve.  The DAC voltage plot is more of a stair-step curve.
> Over the past 2 days, the DAC voltage of my trimble
> thunderbolt has increased in a linear mannar from
> 0.332 to 0.336 or about 2mV per day. 

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