[time-nuts] Power splitter on the Thunderbolt units

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Thu Jul 17 12:31:51 EDT 2008

> What is the power splitter glued on some of the Thunderbolt units meant for ?
> Apparently it is good up to 500 MHz, so it can't be used for the signal coming from the antenna.
> Maybe it was just part of complete product which the Thunderbolt was part of.
> Just curious....
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD

It was used with the 10 MHz output; either to split the output
or to combine with a phased locked 10 MHz backup source
(we've seen this on other telecom frequency references).

Some of the Thunderbolts in the group buy had the splitter
removed (those with screws from the outside). Others came
with splitters screwed from the inside and it was too much
bother to remove the splitter from each unit before shipment.
You can remove the thing yourself by opening up the case.


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