[time-nuts] Trimble GPSDO unit for sale

n3izn at aol.com n3izn at aol.com
Fri Jul 18 21:42:08 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I hope this is not against the rules but I came across another Trimble unit,
like what ever one is calling Thunderbolts. I've had one up and running for a couple of years now
and I don't see a need for another one right now. I however have a bunch of projects that need funding.

So I have the gold colored unit, About a 2~3" of wire on the power connector. The minicircuits 10 Mhz
Splitter and the cables connected to it. Sorry I wasn't thinking and just cut the F connector
to TNC (or was it N) cable adapter. So I have a 3-4" F connector on the cable.

I can send pics. I will power it up and verify it locks up and puts out 10 Mhz to make my MW
equipment happy but I can tell you much more than that.
I think the group buy was selling at $115? Would prefer stateside.
I need (want) more power on 1296. So if you an amp for 1296 we can work out something.
My other project requires a doubler, 2~3 Ghz in, 4~6 Ghz out. Would also work something out.
Interested contact direct.

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