[time-nuts] Double ovened 10811-60158 on ebay

wje wje at quackers.net
Sat Jul 19 17:33:07 EDT 2008

   I got one without the outer cover, which isn't quite as useful. I
   removed all the junk to get down to the orginal non-double-ovened osc.
   One thing I noticed - I wonder where these were actually deployed? The
   10811B itself has a fair amount of corrosion on it, lots of pitting. It
   still works fine, though.
   Another thing, the 10811B in mine doesn't have a removable endplate,
   it's soldered. This makes it a lot more difficult to adjust or repair.
   Still, I think it's a fine buy for the cost. Now all I have to do is
   figure out what I really want to do with it. :)
Bill Ezell
They said 'Windows or better'
so I used Linux.

   Angus wrote:

I see that the same vendor has a few more units for sale.  He has also
included a picture that labels all the connections.

At least they look to be complete with their outer covers now, which
would be useful if anyone did want to add some temp control.

Seeing all those oscillators does make me wonder what they came from -
a heap of working 58503's going to landfill is close to sacrilege :-)


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Sorry to pollute the list but some people here may be interested and I think
this might be a good buy.

Ebay item 250268030266 a bunch of 10811-60158 wrapped up in a second oven
that have been pulled from a bunch of HP 58503A.

There are 21 units available at US$50 Buy It Now. Postage seems reasonable

I've bought one and so if anyone knows where I can get the cabling
requirements please let me know.


Jim Palfreyman

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