[time-nuts] How to get 32.768KHz from 10MHz.

Predrag Dukic stijena at tapko.de
Wed Jul 23 13:17:27 EDT 2008


You are a mild case....

I also got bitten by the bug:  Now I have 4 HP10811, two rubidiums, 
two cesiums,  T-Bolt  and I am seriously  considering  making my own Cesium.

A visit to Las Vegas could turn to be cheaper fun than this......


At 16:09 23.7.2008, you wrote:
>How does one get a 32.768KHz signal from our 10MHz reference.
>There does not appear to be a nice divide ratio to do this.
>With a locked 32.768KHz signal one could lock the oscillator of  any 
>of the cheap (low cost) LCD clocks that are available with nice big 
>digits, temperature sensors and calendars, etc.
>Any suggestions on how to do it??
>ps. I got sucked in good. Six months ago all I had was an HP 10811 
>and now I have another crystal oscillator, two rubidiums and a 
>Trimble GPS.
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