[time-nuts] Anti-Static conductive foam warning

Greg Burnett gbusg at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 14:57:32 EDT 2008

Hi Daun & Nigel,

I've experienced the same problem, for example with sliding loads, cal kits 
and other accessories. The trick is to remove all the foam *before* the 
damage is done. Once the deteriorating foam turns to "sticky crumble" and 
reacts with the precision plated metal surfaces in these kits, the surfaces 
can actually become physically pitted and discolored. I could kick myself 
for not staying on top of this and removing the foam sooner in some 

Next question: Are the manufacturers listening? Or are they still using the 
same foam (that will de-compose in 15 or 20 years).


Daun wrote:
I'm wondering if anyone else who's seen this problem has some advice on a
good way to restore the items.

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