[time-nuts] PCB for frequency dividers

David C. Partridge david.partridge at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Jul 25 12:17:56 EDT 2008

Currently I have requests for 5 boards.  The pricing I gave earlier (based
on an order qty of ten) didn't include the tax I have to pay or the shipping
to me.

Pricing will be about USD70 each plus shipping if I get no further requests.

The more interest the lower the price of course.   If I can buy 'em cheaper
you will get 'em cheaper.   In the unlikely event that there are requests
for 50 units, the price will be somewhere around USD20 each (or less).

I'll hold off placing the order until after the weekend to see if there are
any more takers.

BTW Someone suggested that this might be relevant to TAPR.   I'm very happy
to grant TAPR the free (no charge) use of the design, conditional only on my
retaining copyright.

If Didier is happy to host the files, I'm also very happy to make the
gerbers and other stuff available on his website.   The gerbers are of
course already packaged up ready to ship to the PCB mfr.

Oh yes, a question - is it normal for solder mask gerbers to show where the
solder mask WON'T be (that is on the pads)?

I've looked at the other PCB houses folks have suggested, but most are
US/Canada based, and by the time I've paid shipping to the UK, import duty,
handling charges, and taxes any small saving in the per board cost is
totally wiped out.

The crazy thing is that the UK house I'm proposing to use actually gets
their stuff fabbed in China, shipped half way round the world, and still end
up charging a very small fraction of the cost of using local PCB


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