[time-nuts] Leap Second Pending

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Wed Jul 30 01:19:40 EDT 2008

Very interesting thread. 

I have been following half distractedly the thread on leap second, while
working on the firmware for my GPS Monitor. I am at version 0.1.2, and the
second line of the display is now used to display RX Mode, Disciplining
Mode, Temperature or DAC Voltage in succession, by pressing a push button. I
am using my second prototype for that, the first prototype is still
connected to the other TB.

This is working, then I glanced at the first prototype, running firmware
0.0.9, and it was alternating between "Normal" and "Leap Second Pending" .
V0.0.9 is designed to alternate between the mode and warning flags when any
is present. I had not been able to test that feature, because my
Thunderbolts are all stabilized, surveyed and so forth. Well, I know now
that works too :-)

Unfortunately, v0.1.2 at the moment does not display flags at all :-(

I have to decide what to do with the flags, I don't want to be displaying
"Leap Second Pending" for 6 months, yet other flags may be important to
display (like antenna disconnected or shorted).

Didier KO4BB

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