[time-nuts] Oncore question

Morris Odell vilgotch at bigpond.net.au
Sat Nov 22 02:52:22 EST 2008

Hi Fellow Nuts,

I've been following the thread on parsing the Motorola receiver code with
 great interest. I have written AVR code to do this but have not gone to
 great trouble making it bullet proof as it was a non critical application 
 a Nixie clock. I programmed the receiver to send only one message, and then
 looked for the @@Ba string before I started counting bytes. I used the
 number of SVs byte to decide whether the data was good. Worked fine for me!

 I'm about to start another project with an Oncore so maybe I'll experiment
 with a more complex program this time.

 My question relates to the older Oncore VP receivers. I have one which had 
 dead memory battery. The receiver has an on-board battery charger for a
 rechargable Li cell but they are very hard to find down here. In the past
 I've used a conventional Li cell with a schottky diode to prevent the
 charger from forcing current down it's throat. I was wondering if there's
 any reason not to use a super cap. I only need it to support the memory for
 very short periods during power burps. Will the on-board charger be OK for 
a 1F
 super cap?

Any help or opinons much appreciated



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