[time-nuts] Eclipses and atomic clocks

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I have to admit that I have an interest in gravitational 

If anybody out there has nothing better to do, here is the 
stuff to spend some minutes.
In early 90's a Chinese researcher (Zhou) opened a debate 
claiming to have observed anomalous behaviour on atomic 
clocks during some solar eclipses (Ref 1).

On 1999 a group of German researchers published a report 
claiming to have observed nothing anomalous in the comparison 
of 4 atomic clocks (Nature magazine, Ref 2).
This report seems to have closed the debate among insiders.
The report is also available online at 
where they kindly offer the complete data file of their 
records, covering 23 days, for further insights.
I've downloaded the file and plotted their data. The plot is 
uploaded at
Each curve is the comparison of two atomic clocks, as 
mentioned in the graph itself.
In the graph the x axis is the time in days centered on the 
day of eclipse, and the y axis is the relative time delay in 
nanoseconds cunulated by each couple of clocks.
You time-nuts don't need any more explanations.

My question is:
Did any of the clocks run unlocked? If any, what of them?

Antonio I8IOV

Ref 1:
[Zhou, S. W.; Huang, B. J., "Abnormalities of the time 
comparisons of atomic clocks during the solar eclipses", 
Nuovo Cimento C, vol. 15 C, no. 2, Mar.-Apr. 1992, p. 133-

Ref 2:

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