[time-nuts] 10 MHz over optical fiber?

tomknox at nist.gov tomknox at nist.gov
Wed Nov 26 15:49:48 EST 2008

Hi Group;
It seems to me that the increase in noise introduced with an  
optoelectronic device would not matter in most applications if a  
cleanup oscillator is added.

Best Wishes;
Thomas Knox
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Quoting "Paul Boven" <p.boven at xs4all.nl>:

> Hi everyone,
> In message <20081124152247.DCDB0E91529 at mail.ebirds.it>, Marco IK1ODO -2
> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> I have to carry a 10 MHz standard frequency signal inside an EMC
>> screened room via fiber optic cable.
>> Not willing to re-invent the wheel, do something like an optical
>> standard frequency link exist on the market?
>> I think it is possible to use standard 100MB LAN transceivers, and
>> POF. Phase noise requirements
>> are not very stringent, and the distance is in the order of some tens
>> of meters.
> I'm looking into something similar: transmitting an H-Maser signal
> (probably 10MHz) over some 34km using CWDM SFPs. At first glance this
> seems fairly uncomplicated: get some SFPs, and SFP connector + cage. Use
> a fast opamp/differential driver to drive the transmitting SFP, and use
> a similar setup at the other end to transform the received data back to
> 50 ohm unbalanced. How feasible would such a setup be?
> Possible problems might be that a 10MHz squarewave is simply too 'slow'
> to be transmitted by an SFP, which expects 1.25Gb/s 8/10 encoded data.
> Another interesting question would be how much jitter/noise such a setup
> would add?
> Regards, Paul Boven.
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