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Thanks for following up on this.  The thermoswitch that I'm looking for 
closes on reaching a trip temperature of 78C.  The original unit was 
made by Princo. I wonder if your friend could tell me if he has any 
leads on a 78C thermoswitch.

Thanks again,


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Today I visited a friend who collects all sorts of old electronics and 
asked him
about mercury thermometer sensors.  Turns out he had several from 
various GR
pieces of equipment.  Some are in a straight shape with "trip" 
temperatures of
50 or 60 degrees C.  One is at a 90 degree angle with a 60 degree C 
trip point.
I'm sure it is a very long shot but I wondered if any of these might 
work for
the frequency standard you are rebuilding.

Most of the above temperature sensors were built by "Precision".  I 
have the
part numbers.

What do you think?  Does it sound like any of these could be 
replacements for
your unit?


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