[time-nuts] While we're discussing backups...

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Thu Sep 4 17:00:48 EDT 2008

Hi Robert:

I tried to comment on this using another computer and think it did not get posted.

The only backup that's trustworthy is one that's tested to confirm that it 
works.  For example if you clone your C: drive to a new hard drive then swap 
hard drives.  The removed C: drive becomes the backup and you have a new (and 
larger C: drive to continue working).

A backup that's not used immediately may be completely defective when needed.
A friend was using RAID (his concern was hard drive failure, which in my 
experience is the most common problem) and when the RAID software said 
something was wrong he was not able to recover using RAID.  He paid a disk 
drive recovery service $4,000 to get his data from the dead drive.

Note that cloning a drive copies everything so all your applications, data and 
registry info gets copied.  Any backup that's not a bootable version of your 
complete system may be missing something needed to be used.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
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Robert Vassar wrote:
> Just a quick thought.  I saw at least one person mention RAID, and  
> another mention multiple copies of the same data.  A true backup copy  
> is off line.  RAID does not protect you from an accidental delete,  
> virus, etc... Multiple copies only spreads the risk around.
> I backup to a USB hard disk.  I plug it in, backup, unplug it, de- 
> cable and park it in a filing cabinet.  The disk spends 99.99% of  
> it's life powered off.  It should last a decade or more like this,  
> but I buy a new disk to replace it every 5 years, regardless if it  
> needs it or not.  Really critical stuff goes on a CD-R, stored flat  
> in a jewel case, and goes in the safe deposit box.
> Rob
> KC6OOM/5
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