[time-nuts] Ancient OCXO in scope calibrator.

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Wed Sep 10 02:41:57 EDT 2008

Neville Michie wrote:
> Is this calibrator gated?
> Back in the stone age when I started work, a CRO (with a 5BP1 tube in  
> it) was calibrated in time by a gated oscillator
> that put little pips on the trace at 1 microsecond intervals.
> So that the markers would not crawl across the screen the oscillator  
> was stopped
> and started for each trace so as to be in phase with the synch pulse.
> The CRO was probably 1950s vintage, I was using it in 1961 for  
> calibration of navigation radar.
> The CRO tubes were very non-linear so graticule divisions were not  
> accurate enough.
> cheers,
> Neville Michie
No, its just a crystal oscillator plus a collection of frequency 
multipliers dividers and pulse shapers with no gating (other than 
frequency/period selection switches) in evidence.


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