[time-nuts] Connector source for LPRO Rb oscillator...??

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I hate buying pieces one at a time.  These connectors are used in many
projects having to do with GPSDO's, oscillators, GPS receivers, Brooks
Shera's controller board, etc.

I bought a Molex MXKK-100 'Kit' of parts for about $55 that included a
workable crimp tool that I have used on other connectors as well.
Unfortunately, it did not come with the two row, 5 pin per row housings that
are used on the LPRO-101.  However, I bet you could use two of the single
row, 5 pin per row, housings on the LPRO and do just fine.  I ordered spare
housings and spare pins in several configurations and materials and used the
crimper just fine.  There is also a KK-100 Kit but the crimper is not as
nice.  Just search for MXKK-100 on Digi-Key or Mouser, etc.


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> The user-manual contains some info on the connector, but no info on
> where to make an actual purchase.  Any suggestions from the list
> members on where to get a couple of these connectors? 

If the user manual has the manufacturer's part numbers, my first try would
to feed them to the search stuff on my favorite distributor.

Tyco gobbled up AMP a while ago, so the manufacturer for the AMP part
is now Tyco.

That style of connectors is a pain until you fork over the cash for a good 
crimp tool.

Digikey has the 87133-2 (shell) for $1.68 and the 5-87165-2 (pins) for $0.49


Note the extra 5- on the front of the part number for the pins.  That's the 
lead free version.  If you want lead, the price is a bit higher.  87165-1 is

the gold plated version.

The drawing for the shell said 87124 was the part number for the pins.  
That's probably newer/cheaper/better.

Digikey says over $500 for the hand tool.  That's more than I'm willing to 
pay.  I have the Molex version.  Digikey says "please call" for the one I 
have and over $300 for the alternate.  Mumble.  I was thinking of $100 or
 Maybe you should hope a nearby buddy has one.

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