[time-nuts] Early leap from SiRF chipset, BU-353

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jan 2 14:22:52 EST 2009

The first column is MJD.  The second column is seconds within that day.
(I chopped off the right end to avoid line wrap.)

54831 86384.488 $GPRMC,235944.000,A,3726.0731,N,12212.2624,W,0.30,
54831 86385.489 $GPRMC,235945.000,A,3726.0738,N,12212.2624,W,0.45,
54831 86386.489 $GPRMC,235946.000,A,3726.0743,N,12212.2624,W,0.19,
54831 86387.493 $GPRMC,235946.000,A,3726.0749,N,12212.2625,W,0.13,
54831 86388.489 $GPRMC,235947.000,A,3726.0752,N,12212.2625,W,0.46,
54831 86389.489 $GPRMC,235948.000,A,3726.0758,N,12212.2624,W,1.10,

It took me a while to figure out what was going on.  I got confused when 
didn't see anything interesting at midnight.

23:59:46 is 14 seconds early.  I guess they inserted the leap second at 
midnight GPS time rather than midnight UTC.

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