[time-nuts] 10 MHz Band-Pass Filter Needed

Richard W. Solomon w1ksz at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 8 14:33:02 EST 2009

Looks like I can beat that price, the SCLF or SXLP devices are $8.95 each.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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>> Dan Rae wrote:
>> > Richard W. Solomon wrote:
>> >> The GPSDO I want to use has an output rich in harmonics. In some
>> >> cases that is good, but Murphy rules and in the application I have
>> >> today, it is not good.
>> >>
>> >> I need a 10 MHz Band-Pass Filter, Bandwidth is not critical,
>> >> something small with SMA connectors would be ideal, but I
>> can live with BNC.
>> >>
>> >> Anyone have such a beast or know where I can get one ? I checked
>> >> Mini-Circuits and choked on the price !!
>You mean the ever popular BBP-10.7 for $41?
>Hard to beat that price for something comparable.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >
>> > Dick, it is really easy to build one.  The wonderful (free!) filter
>> > design program ELSIE will give you all the help you need.  I would
>> > have thought an hour or so with a couple of toroids would do the
>> > trick.  Even just a Low Pass filter would usually do to
>> turn a square wave into a sine...
>> It's actually much better to use an LPF than a bandpass
>> filter if you don't have subharmonic energy to deal with.  An
>> LPF with a cutoff midway between the fundamental and the 2nd
>> harmonic will show much less tempco (in the form of phase
>> shift over temperature) than a bandpass filter.
>You might even be able to use some wonky little filter feedthrough with a suitable cutoff frequency.
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