[time-nuts] Standards sought for immunity of shielded cable links to power-frequency ground loops

Joseph M Gwinn gwinn at raytheon.com
Thu Jan 8 20:11:37 EST 2009

time-nuts-bounces at febo.com wrote on 01/08/2009 03:47:29 AM:

> In message <OF3277AC5A.F5D1FAE8-ON85257537.008059CF-85257537.
> 00817C56 at mck.us.ray.com>, Joseph M Gwinn writes:
> >Was there a big bang?  What was the source of the 600 amps?
> They replaced the separation transformer with a UPS, and they
> connected the two sides ground together at the UPS.
> Unfortunately the grounding on our secondary side was much better
> than the power companys grounding on the primary side, which was the
> entire point of having the the transformer in the first place.

One assumes that there were too many cooks.

> Yes, there were a significant bang and his two-hand wire-cutter was
> recategorized from "tool" to "industrial art".

He probably needed a stiff drink after that.


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