[time-nuts] GPSDO TC & Damping

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 9 04:27:05 EST 2009


> Well, like many here, I don't actually have the equipment, especially  
> the reference std., to do these MDEV, ADEV and other analyses, so,  
> since I use the GPSDO for a frequency standard and not for UTC, I  
> thought I'd get the expert opinions. Magnus has several times  
> indicated here that a TC laying somewhere in and around 100 to 1000  
> secs is probably optimum.

I think you have misinterpreted my postings. I never claimed it was 
optimum, or at least never intended to. I think 100 secs is good for 
doing additional experiments with damping parameters. It would be 
interesting to see just how low the bulb may go. This only since it is 
obvious that it makes such a clear difference at 100 secs. It's a choice 
out of measurement and interpretation practicality, not optimum from a 
use perspective. If you consider my postings you would see that I rather 
promote the concept of adjusting the time constant dynamically to 
situations rather than say 1234.5678 seconds is the optimum.


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