[time-nuts] Sound cards

Eric Williams wd6cmu at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 9 11:31:34 EST 2009

I've been using a Edirol FA-66, a firewire box with two balanced inputs 
plus four more unbalanced.  I think it can handle 192ks/24bit on 4 
channels.  A lot of hams use it for software defined radios, but I just 
know it has better sound, especially the lows, for playing MP3s compared 
to most sound cards and iPods.

Rex wrote:
> I'd be interested to hear what any of the group has to share about 
> relative merits of current sound cards that can be interfaced for 
> measurements like what was being discussed in that earlier thread. (And 
> some before and since.)
>  From my own point of view, I'd most like to hear about any that are 
> external -- connected by USB or 1394, rather than an internal card. This 
> makes it more portable and easier to move between different PC's.

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