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I have several of the units and made up a cable to attach 24V power, a
voltmeter, and the 10 MHz output.  I watched the 10 MHz on a scope against a
Thunderbolt as an X-Y display.  I did this without using a heat sink and it
took about 5 minutes or less for the BITE to indicate lock (going from +5V
to 0, as I recall) and the lissajous figure to approximate a circle.

I am sure you do not want to use the unit in service without a heat sink but
I have been told that it is ok to do a quick power up and test without a
heat sink and I have done it several times.

The specs for the heat sink requirements are in the LPRO manual.


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I have a LPRO-101. Before I power it up, I have been advised to use a
How large of a heatsink do I need?
I found an extruded heatsink in the junk box.
This heatsink has fins about 0.50 inches high.
The width is 2.375 inches wide.
It is 8.125 inches long.
I plan to cut this heatsink in half giving me two 4.0 inch pieced.
I plan to bolt each piece to the bottom of the LPRO-101, using the 
six mounting holes, three per heatsink.
Would this be sufficient heatsink?

Thanks in advance.

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