[time-nuts] LPRO-101

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Jan 12 00:39:24 EST 2009

> My heatsink appears to have a thermal resistance of about 3 degrees C
> per watt. It is similar to Thermalloy 60975. 

I'll bet it's good enough, at least to get started.

Mine is just barely warm.  I have a large heat sink, but it doesn't have much 
in the way of fins.

If you have a large chunk of 1/8 in aluminum, that might be worth a try.  Say 
3x the area of the bottom.

>The manual recommends a heat sink with a thermal resistance of 2C/watt
>or less for ambient temperatures up to 50C.

What's your ambient?

You can get slightly better cooling if you turn it on its side/end, or lift 
the fins off the surface with a couple of spacers so the air can get in there 

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