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On 1/16/09, Brooke Clarke <brooke at pacific.net> wrote:
> Hi Bruce:
> Why is beryllium oxide a problem when it's already in a product?
> I believe the danger is something similar to asbestos where inhaling large
> amounts it is the problem.  Shipyard workers applying loose asbestos to
> pipes
> and boilers inhaled the material all during there work day and ended up with
> medical problems.  I've heard that electronics workers that made products
> from
> beryllium oxide also suffered medical problems.  They were breathing a lot
> of
> the dust.  Mechanics who grind brake material will have no problem from
> asbestos just as motorists since the "fish hooks" are no longer present in
> the
> asbestos dust. I used to have a sheet of asbestos that fit into the oven and
> was used to bake bread.  It's OK to eat asbestos and probably beryllium
> oxide.
>   There's a disused hotel on our main street that's a brick building heated
> with a steam boiler with the whole system insulated with asbestos.  It's a
> real
> (expensive) problem to remove that asbestos in a way safe for the person
> doing
> it and doing all the needed OSH paperwork.  I believe the cost to remove the
> asbestos far exceeds the economic value of the building and the land it's
> sitting on.  In time that will change.
> Don't see any problem related to (beryllium oxide) oscillator disposal.  Can
> you elaborate?
> Have Fun,
> Brooke Clarke
> http://www.prc68.com
> Bruce Griffiths wrote:
> . . .
>> However there are a few OCXOs that use beryllium oxide within them,
>> these are usually labelled as such and no attempt at reverse engineering
>> should be made.
>> I have one of these lying around.
>> Safe disposal of such devices is also problematic.
>> Bruce
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