[time-nuts] beryllium oxide

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 16 14:59:41 EST 2009

Mark Sims skrev:
> Three other places one may encounter beryllium are:
> 1)  Beryllium copper springs and contacts,  usually around 2-3% beryllium.  Not likely to cause a problem unless  you get your jollies grinding up springy metal and snorting the powder.
> 2)  Beryllium tools!  Tools (particularly screwdrivers and pliers) can be made out of pure beryllium metal.  They are not magnetic,  very strong,  very light.  They were used a lot in aerospace and military applications.  One thing that used to appear on the surplus market was an EOD toolkit used by bomb disposal techs.  Even had a beryllium hammer.  These were wonderful tools which you might just find when clearing out old uncle Bob's estate...
> 3)  Nuclear reactors and weapons.   Be careful when disassembling that surplus nuke you picked up on your last trip to eastern Europe...

Oh... where did I put that pile of junk? :->

> Beryllium was originally called glucinium becuase it and its salts tasted very sweet.  In fact,   tasting used to be a diagnostic test for the presence of beryllium.

Sounds dangerous...

I have encountered Beryllium in a field none of you mentioned, as 
material for speaker cones. Light and very rigid. Perfect for the top 
driver for horns. I recall something about high speed of sound.


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