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To the best of my knowledge and my traveling to Canada as well as the UK,  
she should not require any inoculations.  

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dave.g0dja at tiscali.co.uk writes:

Sorry  for the off topic question, but my partner, Kate, is off visiting 
friends  in Canada and USA on Friday and is in 'panic' mode.

The problem is that  she has now got it into her head that she might need 
to get innoculated  for 'something', but she doesn't know what and I 
don't think she needs any  jabs...

However, as the US immigration people are on holidays for the  
Presidential inauguration, she can't get a reply until it's too late to  
do anything about arranging to go to see the Dr. to get any jabs she  
'might' need.

So, can anyone tell me what jabs, if any, visitors to  Canada or the USA 
might be asked if they have had recently?

Thanks  - Dave

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