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	For Canada? Nothing at all. My wife and I are frequent visitors to the BC area, thanks to the fact our falconry mentor lives on Vancouver Island. In four-plus years of frequent border crossings, including one where we were delivering a Harris hawk, not once were we ever asked about innoculations or informed that anyone from the States needs such.

	Happy travels.

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On 19-Jan-09 at 18:24 Dave Ackrill wrote:

>Sorry for the off topic question, but my partner, Kate, is off visiting 
>friends in Canada and USA on Friday and is in 'panic' mode.
>The problem is that she has now got it into her head that she might need 
>to get innoculated for 'something', but she doesn't know what and I 
>don't think she needs any jabs...
>However, as the US immigration people are on holidays for the 
>Presidential inauguration, she can't get a reply until it's too late to 
>do anything about arranging to go to see the Dr. to get any jabs she 
>'might' need.
>So, can anyone tell me what jabs, if any, visitors to Canada or the USA 
>might be asked if they have had recently?
>Thanks - Dave
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