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Wow! Just because I forgot the :-)

Maybe I should have added, leave you sense of humor at home!

2009/1/20 Chuck Harris <cfharris at erols.com>:
> That is so ignorant I hardly know what to say!
> Why don't you just admit that you hate all Americans, and know
> virtually nothing about the US?
> The biggest risk, to foreign visitors to the US, is pedestrian
> accidents.  We kill a lot of tourists, and a lot of inattentive
> natives that way.  UK tourists are at an extra disadvantage because
> their training from birth tells them to look the wrong way for
> US traffic.  They look to the right for curb lane traffic, and
> get hit from the left.
> -Chuck Harris
> Steve Rooke wrote:
>> How about:
>> Rabies shots.
>> Body armor.
>> Loads and loads of dosh.
>> Websters dictionary.
>> US to UK translator (those chappies have some strange banter, you know).
>> Phone numbers of top quality lawyers (better put them on a retainer)
>> Smog masks.
>> Gaffa tape to tape your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.
>> Remember, if you hear a bang, hit the deck.
>> If you hear a voice say "freeze", don't move or you'll be shot.
>> Milk of magnesia to combat the chili dogs.
>> Don't turn on the tv or you may need mental health care.
>> etc...
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