[time-nuts] Tbolt with Palisade?

Grant Hodgson grant at ghengineering.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 04:31:56 EST 2009


Thanks, looks like the hassle factor is greater than the fun factor on 
this one  :(

Guess I'll have to start a search for an HP58532A, VIC-100, Vaisala  or 
similar.  I don't think a cheapy £4 patch antenna will give the same 



> Hi Grant,
> Keep the Palisade as it is. It's got a useful 1 PPS output. Also it's almost impossible to open the case without destroying it. The two halves are epoxyed together with a very good joint geometry! There is no obvious way to get to the antenna output. If you want to hack something, have a look for one of the Vaisalla GPS radiosondes. They have a nice Bi-Helix antenna, LNA and filter. But even a simple patch on a ground plane will do.
> Robert G8RPI.

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