[time-nuts] Tbolt monitor software

VK3FGJM VK3FGJM at commtelns.com
Wed Jan 21 08:29:28 EST 2009

Hi group,
A strange situation has led me to ask a question about the Tbolt GPSDO
and the Trimble Thunderbolt monitor s/w version 2.6.
While re-arrangement of the shack, it's been idle for 3 weeks, Tbolt
turned off. After turning the unit on and letting it settle some 2 hour,
I connected the monitor program and found the following that I can not
explain and correct:-

*	All SV and AMU have question marks
*	Product info has questions marks
*	the ability to see tracking status is blank.

When last used, some 2 months ago to show a friend, the relevant display
data came up, no issues. Further more, position, critical and minor
alarms are green, disciplining status section such as DAC voltage DAC
value mode and even it's 10MHz out etc etc is fine compared to my trusty
Rubidium standard.
Has any one seen this before and is there a setting that may have
inhibited this feature?
I have a screen shot, however it may be to large to attach, so let me
know if this will help, I will be glad to forward it to some one with
much more knowledge.
Thank you in advance.


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