[time-nuts] Tbolt with Palisade

Grant Hodgson grant at ghengineering.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 13:25:00 EST 2009

The antenna will be mounted outside with a reasonably clear view to the 
horizon from east-south-west.  But there are times when there could be a 
lot of RF in the area - I design and build high power VHF and UHF PAs, 
amongst other things, and one of the attractions of the quality GPS 
antennas is the fact that they have a built in filter.

But I might try one of the cheap patch antennas as a start with a view 
to upgrading at some point in the future.



Nigel Wrote :-
> -----------------
> Hi Grant
> I think this really does depend on where you are, satellites in view etc,  
> and what level of performance you're actually looking for.
> I have a few different timing antennas but have found these don't give  very 
> reliable reception indoors.
> Until I can get these mounted outdoors I have been having good results  on 
> various receivers using some small Trimble magnetic patch antennas,  specified 
> 26dB gain, attached to a steel plate and sitting on a shelf  inside a one level 
> timber framed house on the west coast of Scotland.
> These came via a buy it now from the usual place at $21 for  10 about a year 
> ago.
> Driving a pair of Thunderbolts with these and comparing them with an HP  
> 53132A counter, either one as reference and the other as input, once  locked I see 
> variations of just a few places around zero in the 10th decimal  place.
> I have used this test on any two units selected from four with  consistent 
> results.
> Not a very scientific test perhaps, and nothing else measured, but as  
> regards frequency at least I don't think they're suffering too much  from their 
> "lesser" antennas:-)
> regards
> Nigel
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