[time-nuts] Home made GPS disciplined atomic clock

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Jan 25 12:03:02 EST 2009

> I think that it should be a much better (in theory) than OCXO which
> comes short therm stability (what I'm actually seeking for). It should
> be much more accurate with long holdovers also.

Right, it all depends on what stability you're after. The OCXO
will have much better short-term stability than the LPRO -- the
LPRO is close to ten times worse. So do not replace the TBolt
OCXO with a LPRO if short-term stability is your goal. See:

TBolt OCXO plots:
LPRO plots:

However, if long-term, GPS-unlocked, holdover performance
is the goal, then using a Rb would make a good choice.

> This is very simple modification by the way. Infact my original plan was
> to use the 1PPS to synchronize the LPRO C-field with separate control
> ...

See John Miles work to replace the Thunderbolt OCXO:


> Here's a link for the log:
> http://www.amigazone.fi/files/gpsdo/tbolt-lpro-test.log
> (Log format: TOW, PPS offset, DAC voltage, Disciplining mode & activity)

I'll have a look at this; but it's not accessible for some reason.


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