[time-nuts] Setting loop TC using thunderbolt internal data.

Bruce Walker bruce at w1bw.org
Mon Jan 26 10:07:04 EST 2009

I ran the same test as Bruce Griffiths on my tbolt; that is, I turned off
osc disciplining altogether and created an OADEV plot from the internal
phase measurements taken from its GPS solution.  The plot is attached.  It
has a minimum of about 1e-11 at tau=800, and it has the sane general shape
as Griffiths'.

The next experiment I plan to do is to repeat the same thing using manual
holdover mode rather than "Disable disciplining".  That should continue to
try to compensate for temperature and long-term drift (just not steered by
GPS), whereas the data taken last night use a fixed DAC.

--bruce W1BW
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