[time-nuts] Looking for PDF of Getting Started Guide for HP 5372A

Philip Freidin philip at fliptronics.com
Mon Jan 26 21:44:15 EST 2009

As the title says, I greatly desire a copy of the
Getting Started Guide for HP 5372A

HP document number is 05372-90010

I've looked in the normal sites, including Agilent, but no
luck so far.

I found one at a pay site, but am hoping to find a free copy.

I currently have these PDF files (from Agilent site):

05372-90016 Service manual 4/1990                  453 pages
05372-90016 Service manual update 1/1993           145 pages
05372-90032 Opt 40 jitter spectrum 8/1991          194 pages
05372-90035 Operating manual 5/1995                687 pages
05372-90036 Programming manual 10/1992             485 pages
5952-8012   Condensed reference and spec 10/1989   102 pages

Thanks for any help,

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