[time-nuts] Home made GPS disciplined atomic clock

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 13:27:00 EST 2009

One thing you may be able to do if you can find and old,  klunky,  bulky enough laptop is to install the Thunderbolt in the laptop CDROM bay.  A friend of mine did this and it worked out great.  Since he powers the tbolt off of the laptop internal power,  the  tbolt is automatically battery backed up.  If you are a noise fiend,  you may want to install some additional filtering to the tbolt power.   
If  your laptop is too modern,  there is probably not enough space to install the tbolt internally.  You could then mount the tbolt to the laptop case and run the power out to it.   Even more modern laptops may not have a strong enough 12V supply to warm up the tbolt oven.


Thanks again. Just tested that (runs also with XP DOS mode) and it's 
great! Have to set some older laptop for this. It even shows me that the 
Kalman filter was still OFF, that information seems to be missing in 

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