[time-nuts] Lady Heather Update

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Jan 31 19:10:55 EST 2009

Magnus Danielson skrev:
> Mark Sims skrev:
>> Here is an updated version of the good Lady Heather's GPS Disciplined Oscillator control program for the Thunderbolt.  This version adds command line support for setting the video mode:
>> /VS = 800x600
>> /VM = 1024x768 (default)
>> /VL = 1280x960 (also good for 1280x1024)
>> /? for command line help
>> Again,  the compiled version is for DOS/WIN98 and mayby WIN ME, WIN/NT DOS mode on systems with a VESA compatible video BIOS.
> Fails to run on my old Win2k box... even with /2 it fails to find COM1 
> while the Thunderbolt software does...

After doing some attempts to hack the configuration so that the serial 
port does show up as COM1 rather than the laptops builtin modem it 
works, but only in text-mode. Ah well, a small grace as it is.
I failed to toggle to Kalman filter.

Got it working at least.


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