[time-nuts] Lady Heather Update

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Jan 31 19:18:02 EST 2009

Mark Sims skrev:
> Hello again Magnus,

Hi Mark,

> If the program is started up and it is not seeing the Tbolt on the COM
> port you should see the "Log: OFF" indicator,  two lines of text that
> are the plot area header,  and the plot axes/grid.  Pressing  the
> SPACE bar should bring up a help screen in place of the plot grid.
> If all that is working, the problem is probably in the COM port.
> It wants the tbolt to be at factory com settings (9600,N,8,1)

That was not the problem. It failed with a big windows thing saying it 
would not find the COM1 and then the programmed died.

> The program talks to the COM port UART directly.  It probably won't
> work with a USB converter.  The default is COM1,  the /2 command line
> option should select COM2 (but I don't have a machine here with two
> serial ports to test it...  the com port code was lifted from another
> program that did work with COM2).

The trouble here was that COM1 was "felt" by the OS to be used for 
something else. Very strange. I had to force COM2 to become COM1 to 
solve it. /2 did not help as it actually was COM1 in hardware.

> There are several command line options.  use /? to see them.

I found them by tossing random commands at it... fairly quickly.

My remaining problem is to get it to run in graphical mode.


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