[time-nuts] HP/Agilent 5335A

Roy Phillips phill.r1 at btinternet.com
Mon Jun 1 06:23:37 EDT 2009

I bought the HP 5335A with missing power ON/OFF button (I'm still looking 
for one to replace it), but otherwise it was in excellent order. This was 
offered by a Military Surplus dealer in the UK, and I bought it for UK £102 
(? US $150). Some of the "up-market" dealers are offering this model for 
serious money !
The HP 5335A is well made and has provision for a TXCO (option 001), either 
the 10811 & 10554 can be fitted. I happened to have a 10811 and it is 
installed and works well. Apart from the inputs being good for 200 MHZ, it 
has other measurement and stats. facilities which are superior to the 5334A 
or B. The one I have is a late model with improved triggering selection at 
the rear panel. The Papst fan is rather noisy, as was my subject recently.
Otherwise - good luck.

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> I'm thinking of buying an HP 5335A to upgrade from my old HP 5315A.  I 
> notice prices on *Bay range from $100 (missing button on power switch) to 
> $2100.  Any thoughts on what a fair price for one is?
> Thanks,
> Bob Q.
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