[time-nuts] Thunderbolt - any negatives ?

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I have purchased units via the 'group buy' and directly from Bob Mokia
(fluke.l).  One of the 'group buy' units, powered by the accompanying 'group
buy' power supply, died after being left on for a couple of days (as I
recall).  I still have it disassembled in a box in line on my 'to do list'
of things to fix.

I was suspicious that the power supply might have been the culprit, perhaps
facilitated by frequent power outages (i.e. transients), even though the
power supply still works.  Since then, I have only powered the units with
linear power supplies with no problems.


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Thanks to those that have replied. It looks like just about everyone
recommended the Thunderbolt. But before I invest .. any negative
comments ? Specs, reliability, or ?


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