[time-nuts] Thunderbolt - any negatives ?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Jun 1 12:47:58 EDT 2009

phill.r1 at btinternet.com said:
> I would recommend using a linear PSU, I have some made by a Company
> called  Lascar (perhaps a different name in the States). These are not
> much larger  than the Thunderbolt itself with a little more height.
> They have three  separate VS./Rags, 5 volts and +15/-15 volt supplies
> of sufficient  capacity - all with trim-pots. Mine has been working
> for at least one year  non-stop - and you can be confident that it
> will not blown up, unlike some  switched supplies. 

Is there something I don't understand in this area?  What makes a linear 
supply more reliable than a switcher?

My first guess would be a switcher would be more reliable because it would 
run cooler.

That's probably assuming the same amount of design effort which is probably 
not a valid assumption if I'm comparing a brand-X linear with a brand-Z 
switcher.  A quick glance at the general construction might give a better 

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