[time-nuts] Need volt-nuts help

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Jun 6 19:11:30 EDT 2009

Sounds similar to one that I've got.  CSC stands for "Calibration 
Standards Corporation".  Mine is DC-110B, but it looks identical to:  
.  I've seen an identical unit under the Honeywell brand.  There are 
manuals on *Bay for similar units.  Search for

 "calibration standards" voltmeter

 I'd guess that the meter section is similar in all of them.  I don't 
have a manual for mine, unfortunately.


Dick Moore wrote:
> You all are an amazing resource, so even if this is not time-nuts 
> material, someone of you may be able to shed some light.
> I picked up a differential voltmeter made by Precision Measurements 
> Corp. It says it's brand is CSC (no info on what this stands for), 
> model DC 200C. In general, it is similar to a Fluke 885 but with a 
> much more readable meter, larger easier to use knobs, and overall 
> fewer parts; plus a lot more empty space. The null detector/voltmeter 
> section is not working, but the power supply and K-V divider are fine, 
> as are all the switches.
> I've checked various sites for manuals with no luck, and also Googled 
> and found nothing. Rather than try now to reverse engineer the 
> schematic, I'm hoping one of you may know something about this 
> machine. If nothing else it will be an interesting platform for play.
> Thx,
> Dick Moore
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