[time-nuts] FE-5680A heat sink

Leigh L. Klotz, Jr WA5ZNU Leigh at WA5ZNU.org
Mon Jun 8 00:56:02 EDT 2009

I've attached an SMA connector to my FE-5680A and built an external 
linear power supply with a TO-3 7815.

I ran the device today for about half an hour, and used an infrared 
sensing thermometer to measure the external case temperature.
It got up to 48 C externally in the physics package area. 

I put a muffin fan on top and it brought it down to 38C but I don't 
think this is a good plan because I worry about the effects of the fan's 
magnetic field on the Rubidium system. 

I found in my junk box a finned Aluminum heat sink that's exactly the 
same size as the FE-5680A and plan to tap it around the edges for 4-40 
hardware to attach to the many screw holes.  Even so, this heat sink 
will be on the bottom, so the FE-5680A will have to be operated upside 
down for this to help.

Has anybody got good thermal management solution for this device?  This 
is the one currently selling on eBay in the 25x88x125mm chassis.


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